The Money-Changers


This was one of my favorite poems from East African writers in the 20th Century.



By Richard S. Mabala


Dreamed my way into Church

Church built of coloured paper

On silver-coated foundations

Normal unintelligeble rumble

Of muttered prayers

Barely audible above

The rustle of notes

And the clink of coins

Strange prayer indeed!


Our Father who art in – CLINK –

Hallowed be thy – CLINK –

Thy -CLINK – come

Thy will be – CLINK –

On earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily – CLINK –

And forgive us our CLINK –

As we – CLINK – them that trespass against us

And lead us – CLINK – into -CLINK –


A – CLINK – .


It was really a magnificent sight

Enough to inspire the most hardened sinner

But I couldn’t help trembling

And looking over my shoulder



We would be driven out

With a whip.


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